• The goals of TTMRC are to have a greater understanding of human trauma and reduce the number of trauma-related deaths. Read More

  • Meet our researchers, who are motivated to create a difference through their innovative research. Read More

  • The researchers at TTMRC uses state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative research methods to understand human responses to trauma.

  • We at the TTMRC ensure to facilitate and conduct high-quality research. If you have any questions or would like to contact us in order to access any of our resources please contact us.

  • At the TTMRC, we're always learning more about Trauma. Our outreach programs help ensure that you can do the same.

  • Thank you for your interest in supporting the TTMRC. It is visionaries like you — bold, curious, and inspired — who will help us to be the preeminent research center on human Trauma. Give now


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General Surgery and Vascular Labs

General Surgery and Vascular Labs

Researchers in general surgery and vascular labs are engaged in a wide variety of basic science and clinical research projects. To know some of the research currently being performed in the General Surgery and Vascular Labs. Read more.

Research and Clinical Trials

Research and Clinical Trials

The goal of the Division of General and Trauma Surgery at UPMC is to offer world-class comprehensive trauma care as well as general surgery procedures. This goal is being achieved mainly through the conduct of state-of-the-art basic and translational research. There are various ongoing Multi-institutional trials including Prehospital Air Medical Plasma (PAMPer) Trial, Study of Tranexamic acid during Air and ground Medical Prehospital transport (STAAMP) trial, etc. Read More.


The Pittsburgh Surgical Outcomes Research Center (PittSORCE)

The Pittsburgh Surgical Outcomes Research Center (PittSORCe) is devoted to transforming the conduct of clinical research within the Department of Surgery.  PittSORCe brings together integrative teams comprised of world-class University of Pittsburgh clinical scientists and clinicians, all within an innovative multidisciplinary research infrastructure. Read More.


Linking Investigations in Trauma and Emergency Services (LITES)

The  Linking Investigations in Trauma and Emergency Services (LITES) is a research network of US trauma systems and centers with the capability to conduct prospective, multicenter, injury care and outcomes research of relevance to the Department of Defense (DOD). Read More.