Welcome Message From the Directors

The Trauma and Transfusion Medicine Research Center (TTMRC) is a multidisciplinary center that builds on the existing strengths of trauma and transfusion centers at UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh. We have an integrated team of surgeon-scientists, basic science researchers, computational and systems biologists, and epidemiologists engaged in interdisciplinary collaborative research projects engaged in research, discovery, education, and innovation.

TTMRC serves as an ideal platform to enhance, enrich, and synergize scientific interactions and collaborations for a common cause i.e.  a greater understanding of human trauma and reduce the number of trauma-related deaths. TTMRC has its unique scientific cores, Trauma Data Repositories, unique scientific and clinical resources, networking and collaborations, and various enrichment programs at University of Pittsburgh. Welcome to the website!

(Matthew D. Neal and Phillip C. Spinella)